Hello, I’m Ty 👋

I love learning, and the best part of learning is teaching others what I wish I knew before. The blog posts and newsletters that you read here were compiled in my Second Brain (a file full of all of my random thoughts, read books, consumed articles, listened podcasts, learned lessons, etc.). These many inputs are then summarized into powerful and useful essays. These essays are then put out into the world for you to enjoy!

This blog encompasses topics that I find interesting, valuable, and/or necessary to living the best life possible. This blog is my effort to compile valuable information, condense it into an easy to consume format, and circulate it to those with the desire to learn more about these topics as well!

You are here for a reason – whether it was because of one of my recent posts or a perfectly timed Google search – I encourage you, you intelligent and curious person, to join me on this journey! It is a journey to become the best self – spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is going to be a challenging and interesting ride!

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