WOW, that is interesting!

Words that come to mind as I research the topics that soon become posts on this blog. These are also words that I hope come to your mind as you read about the extradentary topics that I will cover!

This blog has no topic, no goal, no direction. Instead, it encompasses topics that I find interesting, valuable, and/or necessary to living the best life possible. This blog is my effort to compile valuable information, condense it into an easy to consume format, and circulate it to those who are also life-long learners, who are searching for the amazing information that is available!

Would you please join me, as we learn together. Topics range from the science of longevity to the skills of productivity, from altering genetics to high quality nutrition, and from mindfulness and meditation to effectiveness and knowledge creation. I will cover it all – all that is left for you to do is strap in for this exciting ride as we, the life-long learners, discover even more!

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