More About Me

A graduate student, a social media marketer, a personal trainer, an aspiring blogger, but most importantly: a life-long learner.

My life is a lot like this blog; often scattered, always growing in knowledge, sometimes stumbling upon interesting ideas, and rarely taking a break.

My name is Ty Thomas, I am currently a graduate student at Colorado State University studying nutrition and aspiring to learn genetics. In my free time, I can be found managing the website and social media for my families Angus ranch, taking classes on edX, training my online clients, or working out. However, the largest portion of my free time is spent doing what I love: Learning, gaining knowledge, and increasing my ability to understand all the makes of being human, being healthy, being successful, and being enlightened.

I say all of this because, if you are like me, this is an exciting aspiration; to know, to be, and to do more than we could yesterday. I want to bring you along with me on this journey, will you join me?

-Ty Thomas, Life-Long Learner