Train With Ty πŸ’ͺ

Welcome to the beginning of your best/healthiest/most rewarding life! πŸŽ‰

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Ty Thomas and I am a certified personal trainer with 6 years of weight training and 3 years of nutrition coaching under my belt.

I have a Personal Training Certification, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification, and a Resistance Training Specialist Certification. These certifications are listed only to show that I have many hours of training and testing experience so that you can be sure that I will safely and effectively guide you through your health and fitness transformation.

I am passionate about helping others become more healthy, happy and confident. I do this by helping my clients reach their goals through a customized approach, specific to each person. I also focus on realistic and sustainable changes that are designed to make goals more attainable and less overwhelming to achieve (The real win: you will easily be able to maintain these changes for the rest of your life).

The secret behind the success of my clients is the simplicity of my plans – there are no complex diets, confusing workouts, or trendy BS. These plans work because they are based on science and what has been proven over years of training.

This is why others love working with me – they get the results and enjoy their life.

So, are you ready to reach your goals? 🎯

I look forward to talking about your goals and how I can get you there! Hit the link below!

Not sold yet? That is completely OK – I am more than happy to show you my knowledge and abilities for free – this is where this gets fun for you!

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